Monday, February 23, 2009

7 Signs a Playdate Should End

1. You just saw the diamond necklace your husband gave you for your anniversary pass by on a child who isn't even yours.

2. You've convinced yourself it's not such a bad day to send the kids outside. After all, it isn't raining sideways or anything.

3. The pint-size opposing army is still on the attack, but you've run out of fort.
4. Your kid's friend has been over so long, you just scheduled her well visit at the pediatrician's office for Tuesday.

5. You and the dog are hiding in the basement.

6. One kid keeps asking for his goody bag.

7. Every time the doorbell on the dollhouse rings, you jump up to answer the front door, shouting, "Your mom's here!"
By Jen Singer, Parenting

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  1. haha, those are funny and have a ring of truth.